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Carpet Cleaning Guarantee.

Carpet Cleaning Services


As with any fabric, once dyed, it may not be corrected with a cleaning. However, Collier Cleen will not move on from a spot or stain until all avenues have been exhausted.


Collier Cleen Guarantees your 100% Satisfaction or we will arrange a re-work (at no cost) or refund. No refunds will be giving for prior damaged carpets.


Hardwood Cleaning


We will clean your hardwood floors down to bare wood (or image print on laminate or engineered hardwood), then apply a floor finisher. We offer 100% Satisfaction on this service, or we will rework the area at no cost.


Tile & Grout


Some Tile & Grout will forever hold a stain. We will proceed with confidence and do our best. If not 100% Satisfied - we offer a no cost re-work.