Carpet Cleaning is our passion and we are committed to out perform the competition.

How does Collier Cleen out perform in Carpet Cleaning?

Collier Cleen out performs by staying current on products, tools, chemistry and most importantly, the process.

There are a number of techniques available for carpet cleaning and hard floors. See our Services page to learn more. With the ability to utilize multiple techniques reduces the need to hire multiple specialists.

The 7 Step Carpet Cleaning Process Includes:

Prevacuum - Dry soil is much easier to remove than wet soil.

Spot & Stain Removal - Once the dry soil is removed, we begin with spots and stains.
Pretreatment - We make custom blended pretreatment for every   individual need.
Agitation - The pretreatment needs gentle agitation to work as designed.
Extraction - See the HWE section of our Services page.
Post Treatment - After extraction, we apply a disinfectant.
Hand Groom Finish - Once extracted and disinfected, we will hand groom your carpet restoring the pile to a vertical position.

Enzymes -

Digest organic waste, fats, starch, blood and other odorous solutions.  They eliminates odors and removes stains.

Traffic Lane Cleaners - Chemically release dirt from carpet fibers after a gentle agitation has been completed. Not all traffic lanes will be restored to the original color. This is due from the fibers being crushed and damaged.

p.H. Balancing - In a nutshell, the p.H. scale is rated 0-14. 0 being acid and 14 being alkaline with 7 being neutral. Most soaps, cleaners, detergents and presprays are on the alkaline side, 7-14. To balance the carpet back to neutral, it requires an acidic rinse (like adding a Negative number).  By skipping this step,  the carpet may inherit a discoloration.    This step is often ignored (or worse - lack of knowledge) by "Rinse & Run" carpet cleaners. This step is also very important.

Green Products - We utilize a variety of green products. Whether it be biodegradable, non-toxic, no rinse or simply a neutral p.H. - natural cleaner, we will ALWAYS protect your Family and Home from harsh chemicals.